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The faq of Belvédère Annecy Golf Club

Aire de petit jeu au golf du Belvédère Annecy

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The faq of Belvédère Annecy Golf Club

The Golf Du Belvédère is located at 1116 Route du Mont, 74370 Saint-Martin-Bellevue, France.
Golf Du Belvédère offers free parking for 30 cars.

The total distance of the Belvédère golf course from the back tees is 2005 meters.

The Golf Du Belvédère was created in 1992 and has now celebrated its 30th anniversary. 


Golf du Belvédère is classified in the category: Golf course 9 holes in France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, High Savoy

Golf Du Belvédère's total par is 33

At the Belvedere Annecy Golf Club you will find the following services and facilities:
  • Bar Snacking,
  • Manual golf cart,
  • Approach area
  • Chipping area
  • Clubs rentals
  • Driving range
  • Putting green

You can download the registration form on page Member's Hub

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No, it's not safe to walk on either course. You risk being hit by a ball that could cause serious injury. 

We lend 7-irons and putters for practice areas.

As far as clothing is concerned, we do not lend gloves or shoes.

You can have someone accompany you during your game. The only precaution is to explain the basics of how to behave towards the players.


The driving range is available during the golf course's opening hours. To practice, simply buy practice tokens at club house 

For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to pick up balls on the driving range.

Our store is at your service, you will find on the spot various articles such as:

  • Gloves
  • Carts
  • clubs
  • golf balls
  • etc

Or you can order online at my swing golf

In simple terms,the index is the differential between Par, the ideal number of shots to make on a hole or course, and your ability to do so..

Let's take a golf course with a total par of 72. You play 99, so you've played 27 strokes too many in relation to the course's reference score.

Absolutely, there's a golf school..
In addition, golf clinics are organized during the school vacations.

You can find all the necessary information        

Unfortunately, golfers don't pay enough attention to safety.

Golf can be a very dangerous, even deadly, sport.

And it's not the ball that causes the most accidents, although it is very dangerous. That's why everyone is wary of them.

Indeed, it has already been the cause of fatal accidents.

But you also need to be careful when hitting your ball against obstacles (trees, stones, etc.), which could cause the ball to ricochet directly towards you or a fellow player.

The first thing to do when starting golf is to take out a license, which has many advantages such as :

Programme d’assurances  au bénéfice des licenciés ffgolf 

Numéro d’immatriculation ORIAS de la ffgolf : 11 060 481

Civil liability insurance

This is a federal requirement under the French Sports Code (article L321-1).

Its purpose is to cover accidents to persons or property that members may cause to third parties while playing golf in France or abroad.

Individual accident insurance *

This optional insurance is designed to compensate for bodily injury that licensees may suffer following an accident in which they are the victim of an unidentified third party, or if they injure themselves alone

As soon as you have a golf license and you cause or are victim of an accident, you must fill out the following form:

Accident report

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