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Golf clinics
for beginners
or advanced players
with Annecy Golf Academy

Entrust your golf clinic in Annecy to our Golf Academy

Summer Golf Clinic 2023

  • Morning :
    • 2 hours of lessons
  • Afternoon :
    • Accompanied 9-hole course on various local golf courses (green fees in supplement)
        • Saint Martin
        • Grand Bornand
        • Esery
        • Talloires
        • Giez – Les castors
    • Price: 3-day Golf Clinic - Euro 450.00
    • Price: 4-day Golf Clinic - Euro 650.00
    • 3 à 6 personnes maximum
Golf clinics
Academie de Golf du Belvedere Annecy

Annecy Golf Academy welcomes you to Golf du Belvédère Annecy Saint Martin de Bellevue.
Whatever your level or desires, Matthias and Julien are available to share their passion for golf with you. 

All our courses are based on classic teaching, adapted and focused on the acquisition of the fundamentals. 

  • Grip,
  • Stance,
  • Alignment.

Whatever your goals, we're here to help.
Put your confidence in the Annecy Golf Académy team

Special Vacations Golf Clinics

Organized during the school vacations, Golf clinics are a great way to share your passion with friends and family.

Whatever your level, whatever your child's level, whatever your desire to play and progress, with Julien and Mathias you'll find a vacation golf clinics in Annecy that will meet your expectations.


  • Easter vacations
  • Spring vacations
  • July and August vacations 
  • All Saints' Day vacations
Stage de golf pour enfant durant les vacances a Annecy au Golf du Belvédère

A team

Matthias and Julien, 2 professionals certified to accompany you in your quest for progress and success, offer you complete formulas for progress whatever your level of play.

From learning to improve, you progress at your own pace, with individualized instruction to help you understand and improve your game so you can perform better on the course.


  • Improve your swing and gain consistency in your playing style
  • Know how to play to your strengths to make the best decisions (choice of clubs and shots).
  • Perfect your short game (putting, chipping and wedging)
  • Manage your emotions and your mind (before/after routine).
Your golf clinic a stone's throw from Lake Annecy
Pourquoi jouer au golf. Débuter le golf au golf du Belvédère Annecy
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Vous êtes Beginners ou joueurs confirmés, profitez d’un large choix de stages avec un objectif commun : le perfectionnement de votre jeu.

Annecy golf driving range

Le practice a étage et son aire de petit jeu - Golf du Belvedere Annecy Saint Martin Bellevue
  • Putting green,
  • Bunker,
  • Chipping area

will allow you to work on your game.

You can discover the joys of golf on the golf driving range. It offers indoor and outdoor stations on quality mats, as well as 2 grass hitting areas.

Association AGB - Le parcours du golf du belvédère Annecy
Vue sur la Tournette depuis le Green du trou numéro 2 au Golf du Belvedere Annecy

Over one or more days, a golf course enables you to tackle a number of themes and work on the key points you need to improve.

Improve your swing, refine your short game, improve your trajectories, learn to score, develop your strategy on the course... As a complement to your golf lessons, or occasionally to perfect your game, a golf clinic is always beneficial.

Children's courses are also organized during the school vacations. There's no better way to keep them busy with a sport that requires concentration and reflection, while having fun and letting off steam with other children of the same age.

Let our team of experienced professionals help you improve your game and your enjoyment of golf. Courses are tailored to your needs and focus on the aspects of the game that give you the most problems, so that you return to the course with improved technique and more confidence.

Golf courses are for all golfers. They are organized by skill level, theme, etc. You don't have to be a member of a golf club to take part: you can come as an outside golfer!
Children's courses are also available during the French school vacations. There's nothing like keeping them busy with a sport that requires concentration and reflection, while having fun and letting off steam with other children of the same age.

Lessons are given in small groups and include Trackman technology. Trackman technology tracks every stroke and putt with unrivalled accuracy, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Our professional golf instructors use this cutting-edge technology to help you better understand your swing. Trackman is also used for fitting purposes, so that you have the best clubs for your style of play.

You have a few notions of golf and you can hit the ball, but not with the precision and reliability you'd like, so why not take a golf course to improve your game?

Perhaps you play golf from time to time with friends and now want to play more seriously. Perhaps you used to play, but work or family responsibilities prevented you from doing so. Perhaps your previous experience in other sports indicates that you can successfully add golf to your repertoire.

You think there's a good chance that, with the right training and perseverance, you'll be able to maintain a respectable handicap.

Mais comment commencer ? Vous n’avez pas de handicap, votre connaissance des règles est quasi inexistante et vous ne connaissez personne.

Just relax, we've got everything you need.

Some driving ranges have features that golf courses lack, such as night lighting or supporting infrastructure.

A covered driving range makes golfing more comfortable, whatever the season. You can also find practices with separate areas for each player, for unrestricted practice, or facilities such as a sports club, a catering area for a well-deserved break.

Any serious golfer worth his salt will take a golf course from time to time to improve his aim and shot. You may learn a few surprising tricks. Don't assume you don't need them, unless you want to stagnate in your game.

Of course, you can watch videos online, but it's not that simple, although we'd like you to think so.

Why not go to a golf club in person, hire a pro and get real, sound advice that you can put to use for the rest of your life, without fooling yourself into thinking that a few seconds of instruction is all it takes to be sublime at the game. There's nothing like having the person right by your side. You'll have a more concrete interaction and a real-life exchange.

For your golf course in Annecy, the Annecy Golf Academy welcomes you to the Golf du Belvédère.
Do you have a question? Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us

Initiation gratuite

Dès le 16 septembre,
tous les dimanches matin
de 10 à 11 heures