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Golf supplies

Whether you're trying to get the hang of it or improve your performance, quality golf equipment is essential if you want to enjoy the game.

Millions of people visit golf courses every weekend to play.

They range from seasoned pros to rank amateurs, but not everyone knows what to bring.

A good golfer will bring the right amount of balls, tees and a good set of clubs, a rangefinder or a GPS watch,as these are the essential elements for a good round.

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Comment bien choisir un sac de golf

For a game of golf, the average player wants to take three woods - a driver, a 3-wood and a 5-wood - and a set of irons ranging from 2-iron to 9-iron.

The golfer also needsa putter,a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

For beginners, half a series is the perfect way to start.

Brings golf clubs in a lightweight bag which can also contain golf balls and tees, all on a golf cart.

Bring about two dozen balls to the golf course.

Make sure you know what type of ball you're hitting in case the ball ends up on another fairway, a wood or out of bounds.

It's useful to mark the balls with a special logo, for example by filling in three dots with a marker. You should also bring a bag of wooden tees.

Golf shoes

Most courses require soft spikes to avoid damaging the ground. While some players debate their merits, most agree that a good pair of spikes improves a player's game.

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Offer your child his own equipment

All golfers love to get new clubs, and your child will be no exception. You don't have to break the bank, just get him a driver, putter, balls and tees,  golf bags designed for children his age.

Et surtout, faites-lui participer au processus d’achat. Laissez-les essayer de différents modèles dans le magasin, donnez-leur un certain pouvoir dans le choix d’un club de golf qu’ils aiment et qu’ils voudront utiliser.

Apprendre le golf aux enfants, c’est les faire s’investir. Et en leur donnant l’équipement nécessaire, ils auront envie de jouer le rôle.

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