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École de Golf à Annecy

A Golf School in Annecy to discover a fun and accessible activity for all

Ecole de golf du Belvédère Lac Annecy

Golf is fun and
accessible to all

Golf lessons take place every Wednesday and Saturday and are organized for children aged 5 to 17. 

The golf school is divided into 2 cycles and takes place every week from September to November and from April to June, except during school vacations, and offers different sessions

Golf lessons are given by our professional coaches in small groups of 4 to 8 children maximum.
The training method follows the fundamental principles of golf.

A golf school in Annecy dedicated to children

For several years now, the Belvedere Annecy Golf Academy has been one of the most dynamic in the Haute Savoie region.

Unique in the region, the Belvedere Annecy Golf Academy is a unique golf school with ideal facilities for learning golf and developing your child's potential.

It has been managed and supervised by our 2 golf instructors for several years.

The courses are given from April to October, excluding school vacations, over a minimum of 10 one-hour sessions on average. 

Golf instructors welcome between 30 and 50 children aged 5 to 18, enabling them to form very homogeneous groups by age and level.

Their playful and adapted teaching methods enable students to perform while having fun.

Find out more about the Golf School timetable

Downloadable and editable registration forms

  • In concept, the groups and times will be the same as for the spring cycle.
  • Please send us feedback by e-mail on your child(ren)'s (or children's) re-registration and/or any group changes so that we can make changes quickly.


Medical certificate

Health questionnaire

In this section, you can fill in the forms online, print them and bring them to the AGB to complete your registration.

École de Golf française
Admission requirements

Rates :

  • 6 séances cyle automne
    • Tarif groupe durée 1h  : 110 Euros
    • Tarif groupe durée 1h30 : 175 Euros

Sessions :

  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon

Equipment :

Outside the golf school sessions, it is important thatchildren can practice and have access to the course when they have reached a certain level of independence, either on their own or accompanied by their parents or club volunteers.

Ecole de Golf du Belvédère Annecy
École de golf adolescent

Golf School in Annecy

We welcome your children in a family environment and develop their motivation in a playful spirit.

Our teaching team supports all students in their golfing project by providing them with a wide range of teaching aids during the lessons. 

Our team is ready to listen to your suggestions and will provide you with an information board to keep you up to date on competitions, flag test dates, etc.

Mathias Colomb Patton and Julien Francou, in charge of the Academy, can also guide you or answer any questions you may have.

Flags Test

  • Children enrolled in the golf school can take the "Fédération Française de Golf" flag test.
    • 1flag test per session
  • These Golf tests mark out the stages of learning and perfecting before the older riders can obtain their green card.

With its 9-hole golf course, as well as its driving range driving range, your child will be guided throughout the season (excluding school vacations).

A golf school in Annecy with courses specially designed for 5 - 17 year olds

Whatever your level or desires, Mathias and Julien are available to share their passion for golf with you.

Golf lessons for beginners

  • They'll be able to make their first swings, discover the game of golf by acquiring the technical basics and, for those who wish, play 9 holes on an accompanied course with a fun formula.

Golf lessons for advanced players 

  • If you'd like to improve in one or more areas of your game (drive, eliminate slice, hook, scrapes, tops or sockets... or improve your short game and putting), you can benefit from personalized instruction.
The Belvédère Annecy Golf School
École de golf Annecy

The Golf Academy's objectives for your children :

Golf school students will become real golfers

  • This first contact with golf will leave an indelible mark on them for life.
  • They will be imbued with the values of our sport:
    • fair-play,
    • respect for others,
    • patience and perseverance,
    • decorum and knowledge of the rules,
    • politeness, accuracy...
  • They'll have the right reflexes all their lives ... they'll rake their tracks in the bunkers!
  • They'll take care of their equipment and dress appropriately for the golf course.
  • Ultimately, this will enable them to obtain their green card or "course authorization".

The main aim is to get them to love golf and have fun at the same time.

Order Golf School polos online


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Size according to child
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Polo de couleur noire


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Offer your child his own equipment

All golfers love to get new clubs, and your child will be no exception. You don't have to break the bank, but find him a driver, putter and bag designed for children of his age and size.

Above all, involve them in the buying process. If you can, make a day of it - let them try on many different pieces in the store, give them some power in choosing a golf club they like and will want to use.

Teaching children to play golf means getting them involved. And by giving them the equipment they need to feel up to the task, they'll want to play the part.

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