Introductory golf lesson
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If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly activity,
come and take part in an introductory golf course in Annecy on Sunday.

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly activity, come and take part in an introductory golf course in Annecy on Sunday.

The driving range is the place where you learn or perfect your game by repeating the same shots as on the course.

For customized training, 10 students maximum

The necessary equipment is supplied

  • Your first shots
  • Description of the different playing areas and equipment on the driving range
  • Learning the basics of swing 
  • From 16 years old

Come and take part in an introductory golf course in Annecy

Your objective during the introductory golf course 

Please note that I don't want to demotivate you: if you can't get the ball off the ground, you can always try again another time. We're not all equal when it comes to golf.

Your previous experience will influence your ability to learn movement more or less quickly.

We simply advise you to listen carefully to your golf instructor. In any case, it's possible as soon as you start to get the ball off the ground.

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly activity, come and take part in an introductory golf course in Annecy on Sunday.

Whatever your objectives, we are here to help you.
Entrust the Annecy Golf Academy team with your golfing experience

An introduction to golf, with family, friends or colleagues!

Golf can be played by anyone, at any age. It's never too early or too late to take up golf, and there are no prerequisites. Golf can be played from a very young age and for a very long time.

It's a non-violent sport that's equally suited to senior citizens, women and men looking for a new sporting activity or retraining. Intergenerational, golf is a convivial sport that can be shared with family, friends, colleagues and players of all levels.

It's a sport naturally rooted in nature, no two golf courses are the same, and it's a constantly renewed pleasure to play and discover new courses.

Come and take part in an introductory golf course in Annecy

At the end of this initiation, if you wish to acquire the basics necessary for a good start, always supervised by our pro.

He'll be able to offer you the best choice from a range of suitable packages, including hours of lessons to learn all the basics of the game and the swing, and to give you a base for practice. An ideal way to get started!

The loan of equipment will continue to be lent to you for your lessons, your sports shoes will always suffice, your first purchase may be a glove to avoid blisters.

Note that a left-handed person will wear a glove on his right hand, and vice versa for a right-handed person. 

Access to the practice area: driving range,  9 holes and putting green will be totally free for you to practice. All you need to provide is the cost of your lessons and buckets of practice balls.

You will then be able to take your green card during an individual 2-hour guided course. At the end of this course, and depending on your results, you'll be issued with  a permit to play anywhere you like.

Every Sunday morning, we offer a limited number of exceptional offers to help you discover golf. Simple, accessible and fun, we offer an introduction to golf that will delight you.

Located 10 minutes from Lake Annecy and 20 minutes from Geneva, our driving range and 9-hole golf course will enable you to take up the challenge of your first swing, accompanied by a qualified instructor.

Le golf un sport de plein air dont l’objectif est d’envoyer une balle, dans les trous successifs d’un parcours, avec des clubs, en un minimum de coups
At the end of the round, all the shots played are added together to form the score. 
The lower the score, the better you play. The golf is an extremely complete sport , combining physical activity, precision, concentration and strategy.

Many people have misconceptions about golf. You've probably heard the phrases:

  • "Golf is not a sport",
  • "Golf is for old people",
  • "Golf is a rich man's sport".

Well, forget everything we've told you about golf. Golf really is a sport, and yes, you read that right, golf really is a sport.

On each course, you'll be walking several kilometers. If you play a 9-hole course of 2,500 km, the distance is calculated on the assumption that you walk from tee to green in a straight line. In reality, not counting the transitions from one hole to another and the place where you hit your ball, you'll be walking more than 3 kilometers without realizing it.

You're going to learn how to send the little white ball into the hole, such as the golf swing, which looks like a very simple movement, but in reality requires you to take several parameters into account, such as the positioning of your club head, the angle of your club and the rotation of your body.

As a general rule, an introductory session lasting an hour and a half should enable you to decide whether you want to continue learning.

The initiation is divided into two parts.

During the first part of your session, you'll be accompanied by an instructor who will teach you the basic technical movements and fundamentals of the discipline. The necessary equipment is provided at Club Houses, and to facilitate your learning, you work in small groups to benefit from personalized advice.The aim is to give you the basic knowledge you need to take your first swing on your own.

During the second hour, you'll be completely autonomous and will be able to put into practice everything you've learned with Julien or Mathias, our teachers.

You can try your hand at putting on the green or at the driving range with buckets of balls.

Once you've completed your initiation, you've got your first foot in the world of golf.

If you enjoyed it, I can only advise you to try it again, with a private lesson or a green card course. Even if the course is right in front of you, it's better to keep hitting balls before tackling the 9-hole courses at Le Belvédère.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to offer someone an introduction to golf:

If you know someone in your family or a friend who is interested in golf, or who would like to take up the sport in a fun way, then an introduction to golf could be a great gift idea.

  • Your introduction to golf went very well.
  • You found the experience fun, rewarding and exciting as you watched the ball fly far and wide.
  • So you're wondering what's the next step in learning to play golf? 

Once you've been introduced to golf, the next step is to continue learning with a golf instructor. This means taking golf lessons. There are two types of course:

Group and individual lessons. However, if you have enjoyed golf and would like to get out on the course quickly, it is recommended that you take the green card course (authorization to go out on the courses). 



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