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Parcours de golf accompagné sur le parcours du Belvédère

Refine your technique and improve your strategy with the "accompanied golf course" package at The Belvedere Annecy Golf Course.

A quel golfeur le parcours de golf

Vous voulez améliorer votre niveau de jeu sur le parcours du Belvédère ?

Le parcours accompagné c’est l’approche technique de tous les coups de golf en situation réelle sur le golf du Belvédère Lac d’Annecy et une alternative idéale pour progresser et prendre plus de plaisir dans votre jeu.

It's an opportunity to learn and play under the supervision of an experienced professional.
Julien Francou, one of the best golf instructors in the region,
is on hand to lead you on this exceptional golf course.

Avec son aide, vous pourrez non seulement améliorer votre swing, les techniques d’échauffement pour vous mettre en confiance, but also understand the subtleties of the game and develop a strategy for every hole.


A course accompanied by a golf instructor is a personalized experience that can vary according to the golfer's skill level. The session will be based on the 4 pillars of performance performance.

  • The game routine
  • Golf course management
  • The specific theme defined at the start of the session 
  • A strengths and weaknesses assessment

Formule Parcours de golf accompagné

2 hours / 9 holes
  • 50€ extra for each additional person
  • From 1 to 3 people maximum
  • Radar analysis option (available on request)
  • Video analysis option


Most frequently asked questions

An accompanied course is an experience where a golf coach guides and assists players along the golf course.It's a more hands-on form of golf instruction than a driving range or simulator.

A classic golf lesson generally focuses on improving a player's swing techniques, movements and individual skills. With an accompanied golf course, on the other hand, the instructor accompanies players around the course and offers real-time advice on playing strategy, course management, club choices and other aspects specific to real-life play.

A course accompanied by a golf instructor offers several advantages. It allows players to apply their technical skills and theoretical learning in a real-life context. The golf coach can observe and analyze players' performances, offer personalized advice, help correct mistakes and improve playing strategy. This helps players gain a better understanding of the game as a whole.

Players join the golf pro on the course. The coach can accompany an individual player or a small group of players. During the round, the golf instructor observes the players' performance, offering advice on club selection, course management, playing strategies and more. The instructor can also help analyze errors and make adjustments in real time.

It can benefit all levels of golfers, from beginners to
advanced. Beginners can benefit from the personalized guidance of a golf instructor to learn the basics of the game and familiarize themselves with the course. Advanced players can benefit from the advice of a professional to improve their playing strategy, decision-making and refine their technical skills.

It offers beginners the opportunity to learn in real-life situations and receive personalized advice to improve their game. This helps them gain experience on the course, understand the rules and etiquette of golf, and gain confidence in their game.

The progress you make on an accompanied golf course can be measured in a number of ways. You can compare your performance on the course before and after following the golf instructor's advice. Measure aspects such as distance covered, score, number of strokes, accuracy and so on. In addition, the teacher's feedback and observations on your game can also help you assess your progress.


Initiation gratuite

Dès le 16 septembre,
tous les dimanches matin
de 10 à 11 heures